Welcome to Laqshya Group of Colleges:

LAQSHYA Group of Colleges are the leading professional education colleges in Khammam district, imparting technical and managerial education. Laqshya offers courses in Science & Technology (B. Tech; M.Tech and Polytechnic) and Management (MBA). These courses are taught within six departments under two colleges.

Studying at LAQSHYA is an exhilarating experience. You become part of an academic community which creates a conducive atmosphere for learning, that encourages you to go beyond textbooks and explore new avenues of knowledge.

At Laqshya we make the students dream about their future, envision their future, aim at a specific goal and encourage them to go for it… in other words, achieve it. So we invite the knowledge seekers to join us to dreamaim& achieve at Laqshya.


1. To transform the student community into valuable human resources so that they can make an invaluable contribution to the progress of the society.

2. It is said that wisdom without knowledge is useless and knowledge without wisdom is destructive. So at LAQSHYA we believe in striking the right balance between knowledge and wisdom to groom responsible future technocrats and managers.



Laqshya Institute of Technology and Sciences is going to organize its Techfest, SCOPOS-2014 on 6th and 7th of March. A variety of events will be conducted as part of the festival. This year’s Techfest will be unique in its composition as for the first time in Andhra Pradesh an Augmented Reality show and an Aerobatics show will be organized on the college campus. All the technology enthusiasts,who are ready to enrich the festival with their ideas and opinions are cordially invited.